Trees for the climate

In January 2018, we were already able to donate more than a thousand trees to Plant-for-the-planet with your help. This month another 1.111 trees can be added because this November you have not only done something good for yourself with your purchase in our online shop. For every completed order from 01. to 30.11.2019 a tree is planted on the Yucatán Peninsula/Mexico. Thanks to the climate and the good care, trees grow four times as fast as in Central Europe and provide a better atmosphere in the long run.

The foundation's own planting area covers 22,500 hectares and is scientifically monitored. The first seedling was planted there in March 2015 - today there are already more than three million trees, each of which stores an average of 200 kg CO2 over its lifetime.

The seedlings are grown at the highest quality level. For this purpose, a separate tree nursery was established in 2015. Local tree species are planted: precious woods from the mahogany family, almond trees, white rubber trees, trumpet trees and various fruit trees.

With a survival rate of 94%, reforestation by Plant-for-the-planet is the leader in Mexico. Among other things, this is due to the more than 100 employees who take care of the seedlings. In order to become valuable forest again, they have to be planted at exact intervals and exposed by hand up to 20 times.

The forests created so far not only provide a better climate, they also create habitats for numerous animal and insect species and strengthen the income base of the local farmers.

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