Our leather bags and backpacks are handmade favorites that will accompany you through the ups and downs of everyday life. To ensure that you enjoy them for many years to come, we place the highest value on authentic, durable material and high-quality workmanship. Find out how you can help make your bag even more beautiful over time here.


Our sustainably tanned leather is a high-quality natural product that has a very individual look. Oils and waxes provide a natural protection. Additional protection against moisture and sunlight is provided by impregnation sprays with UV protection.

The waterproofing spray should be applied outdoors if possible, or at least in a room with good ventilation. Apply the spray evenly and thinly with a distance of about 30 cm and let the leather dry for at least 20 minutes at room temperature. To ensure long-lasting protection, you should refresh the impregnation every now and then. The right impregnation not only protects against moisture, but also against light dirt, because the dirt cannot penetrate into the deeper layers of the leather.

If your bag gets really wet, it's best to let it air dry properly before using it again. UV light and heat are not recommended, as they can fade or dry out the leather. Afterwards, you should remember to refresh the impregnation.


The sustainably tanned leather in the HEAVENLY MEADOW and AMELIE'S NETTLE BED series is very finely sanded on the surface. This creates an irresistible, velvety feel. High-quality waxes contribute to the leather developing an individual patina over time. If you prefer to do without, you can use a soft leather brush from time to time. Brushing also keeps the leather supple and flexible. Additional protection against moisture and sunlight is provided by waterproofing sprays with UV protection.


The following care tips can be applied to the vast majority of a&u series. If you are unsure or have further questions about product care or repair, our bag doctor will be happy to help you personally at any time. Just write to us at!

Open-pored leather is characterized by its natural surface, which emphasizes the unique structure of the leather. With the occasional application of a lotion for open-pored genuine leather you can nourish, impregnate and protect the leather of your bag. Never apply the leather care directly to the leather, instead apply a small amount to a soft cotton cloth. Apply the care carefully from stitch to stitch. It is best to always test the treatment on a hidden area first. A slight darkening due to the care products cannot be avoided. However, this usually settles after a short period of wear.

UPCYCLING-TIP: Cut an old cotton shirt to size and use it to apply the leather lotion.


These care tips are best for our HUNTER and GOOD OLD FRIENDS series.

Using the bags will cause them to develop a patina. To help this, we recommend not applying any care products at the beginning. To protect the leather from heavy rain or dirt, it can be treated with waxy waterproofing sprays for open-pored genuine leather. If the leather becomes lighter and brittle after some time due to the loss of nutrients, leather grease for open-pored genuine leather is suitable for care. The application should always be done sparingly. A test treatment on a hidden area is recommended beforehand. Polishing is not necessary after application, thus the leather remains matt. Please make sure that the grease is completely absorbed before you use your bag again! The best way to do this is to leave it overnight at room temperature.

UPCYCLING TIP: Cut an old cotton shirt, for example, and use it to apply the leather grease.


To avoid scratches, the PU-coated canvas of the JAPAN and JAPAN NISHI series should be dusted with a soft cloth from time to time. Superficial dirt can be removed with a soft, colorless cloth, water and mild soap or dish soap. PU cleaner is also suitable for cleaning. Strong friction should be avoided. A PU care product is suitable for the care of the canvas. Please note: No leather care lotions or other greasy products such as oils and waxes should be applied to the coated canvas, as this can damage the coating. This also includes disinfectants and cleaning agents containing alcohol.

The twill fabric of the leather-cotton mix variant in THE BARBER SHOP line can also be cleaned of superficial dirt with a soft, damp cotton cloth.

The occasional application of a lotion for open-pored genuine leather ensures that the leather surfaces/applications in the JAPAN, THE BARBER SHOP and FUSION series remain supple.


A great home remedy for jeans stains on light-colored bags is 25% vinegar essence mixed with water in a 1:1 ratio. You can now gently clean the leather with a slightly moistened, soft cotton cloth. Still fresh discolorations can be treated well with Sensitive (Baby) wet wipes.

Beyond that, there is no universal solution for stains. In order not to make small mishaps even worse, please contact our bag doctor so that we can find an individual solution!


The lining of our leather bags is in most cases very easy to clean. As the lining is usually not sewn to the bottom of the bag, the lining bag can be pulled out for cleaning. Light soiling can be removed with soap and a damp cotton cloth. Upholstery cleaner helps against heavy soiling. Please make sure that the cleaning product does not come into contact with the leather and that the lining bag is completely dry before you put it back in the bag!


For cleaning the lining of our JAPAN and JAPAN NISHI series, we recommend using a mild soap for light soiling. Oxy multi-stain remover helps against heavier soiling. Strong friction should be avoided when cleaning. We also advise against using sponges or cloths with a rough surface. We recommend using a soft, damp cotton cloth.


If your bag is not going to be used for a long period of time, it is best to store it in a dry place and make sure that it is not exposed to any light source. Ideally, you should use the dust bag that comes with most of our bags.


Your bag should accompany you for many years. For all eventualities, our repair service is at your side quickly and without complications. We can repair most defects in no time at all, without you missing your bag for a long time - and we're sure to find a solution for everything else, too!